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The wealth of information shared by the Susquehanna River Basin Commission's Deputy Executive Director Mr. Thomas Beauduy was sincerely appreciated by the JLCNY at our last general meeting.  If you missed it, this presentation is a gold mine, so be sure to spend some time reviewing the pdf attached below.


Water usage for Marcellus shale development pales in comparison to consumptive use for other development.

Even recreation uses twice as much water per day than will full Marcellus development!


The largest single use of water in the SRBC is for energy production, NOT including shale development.

A coal plants' air scrubber loses 4-5 million gallons per day to evaporation.  This will return to the ocean but not to our watershed.  Over 230 million gallons per day are used for nuclear!

SRBS estimates the Marcellus at FULL development will use 28 million gallons per day.

Annual water withdrawal demand for Marcellus equals 3 days of typical power production withdrawal demand!

10% returns as flowback, and of that less than 3% will need treatment.  Many companies are clamoring to service this need.

The SRBC has shown itself to be a true leader in regulation and oversight, and has made a colossal investment in monitoring the river, continuously collecting data to insure the well being of not only residents of our area, but also the 17 states that are dependent on the mighty Susquehanna.

Download this file (JLCNY Presentation 09-28-10.pdf)JLCNY Presentation 09-28-10.pdf5423 kB

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