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Molinaro Releases ‘2019 Albany Accountability Act’

Comprehensive Ethics Reform Plan Will Fundamentally Change Albany; Protect New Yorkers from Corruption and Stasis

Includes Term Limits; Initiative and Referendum; Bans on Corporate Giveaways; Anti-Corruption Commission Appointed by Judiciary; Database of Deals; Independent Oversight of State Contracts; Independent Redistricting; Closing of LLC Loophole; Strengthened State Code of the Ethics to Include Sexual Harassment, and Powerful Government Transparency Tools, Among Other Reforms

Buffalo, NY–July 12…New York State gubernatorial candidate Marc Molinaro today unveiled a comprehensive, 22-page ethics reform platform called the “2019 Albany Accountability Act” that he said will fundamentally alter New York State government and protect New Yorkers from the corruption and statis that has made New York unbearably expensive for millions of middle class families. Mr. Molinaro made his announced at a news conference in Buffalo.

“New York State government is a cesspool of corruption under Governor Andrew Cuomo and the people of New York don’t have to put up with it anymore,” Mr. Molinaro, the Dutchess County Executive, said. “The 2019 Albany Accountability is the cleansing agent New Yorkers need to wipe Albany clean of corruption, lethargy, legislative careerism, and unacceptable personal behavior. This Act may make me an unpopular incoming governor, but I’m not going to Albany to win a popularity contests — but New Yorkers deserve better and these things need to get done.”

The full 2019 Albany Accountability Act is available here.
The “Triple A” is organized around five goals:
1.   Creating a Government “of the People, by the People, and for the People”
2.   Opening the Doors of Government and Providing Real Transparency
3.   Taking Big Money Out of Politics
4.   Holding Politicians Accountable and Providing for Independent Oversight
5.   Rethinking and Rightsizing our Economic Development Programs

“I ask all New Yorkers, especially those who have committed time, energy, and care into seeking real solutions to Albany’s endemic corruption, to read the 2019 Albany Accountability Act, kick its tires, and give me feedback, positive or negative,” Mr. Molinaro continued. “Not all of these proposals are original-some may already be familiar-but all of them are needed in my opinion, and if voters will so honor me, I pledge to enact each of them or perish trying. What’s happening in New York today is unacceptable, unaffordable, and deeply unethical. Things must change.”
New York government is ranked the most corrupt among states in America, and the state leads the nation in outmigration. It is also ranked the worst state in the U.S. in which to retire, largely due to nation-leading property taxes, high utility costs, failing hospitals, and an infamously hostile business environment.

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