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Kaloyeros Lawyer: Real Cuomo Corruption Trial in November

“That’s why we vote every four years."

New York–July 10… A lawyer for embattled former New York economic development czar Alain Kaloyeros, on trial in federal criminal court on bid-rigging charges involving a $750 million public construction project improperly given to a major Andrew Cuomo political donor, told jurors Monday that the real New York corruption trial will be decided by voters in November, clearly pointing to Governor Cuomo as the man at the center of the controversy over the way massive state contracts are handed out in New York, New York gubernatorial candidate Marc Molinaro today said.

“Make no mistake about it: the man ultimately responsible for the corrupt way in which economic development grants are being handed out in this state is Andrew Cuomo,” Mr. Molinaro said. “Cuomo donors have been enriched with billions of dollars in cash grants and tax breaks, and he has personally benefited from those government actions. Mr. Kaloyeros’s attorney is spot-on correct: the real New Yorkcorruption trial is in November and New York voters will be the jury.”

After it was shown how Governor Cuomo created a special not-for-profit organization to circumvent normal state procurement laws and safeguards, Kaloyeros attorney Michael Miller said in his closing arguments at the ongoing “Buffalo Billion” corruption trial in Manhattan: “We could have a philosophical debate about whether that’s the way the state should operate its economic development, but that’s the reality Alain Kaloyeros was working within. That environment is not on trial. That system is not on trial. That’s why we vote every four years.”

“The trial revealed that the $750 million construction project awarded to Cuomo donor Lou Ciminelli was signed off on by Governor Cuomo’s not-for-profit two days before its board made an official vote-in other words, the fix was in before the vote even took place,” Mr. Molinaro said.

Mr. Ciminelli has raised at least $350,000 for Mr. Cuomo, according to news reports.

The FBI and the Orange County District Attorney are currently investigating a $25 million Cuomo cash grant given to Crystal Run Healthcare, a Hudson Valley company whose executives gave Governor Cuomo $400,000 in political donations.

“The corruption and incompetence of Andrew Cuomo’s administration have brought shame on this state,” Mr. Molinaro continued. “What’s worse-if that’s even possible-is just how much tax revenue money this governor has squandered on projects that just so happen to be owned and operated by his donors. Voters understand this stuff, and I look forward to the November trial.”

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