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June 29 at 11:29 AM



Calls on Governor to Account for How Much Money Was Blown on Latest Boondoggle -- Long Island-Westchester Tunnel Scheme

New York--June 29...New York gubernatorial candidate Marc Molinaro today called on Governor Andrew Cuomo to "account for every penny spent" on Mr. Cuomo's proposed tunnel beneath the Long Island Sound that promised to link Long Island and Westchester County. The $55.4 billion Cuomo pipedream was never taken seriously, yet untold millions must have been spent on consultants, staff time, and publicity on the project, Mr. Molinaro said, which Mr. Cuomo now concedes is dead.

"This preposterous tunnel idea is just the latest Cuomo boondoggle coming at the expense of overtaxed New Yorkers," Mr. Molinaro said. "Does Mr. Cuomo think our money is some kind of personal slush fund with which he can play out his fantasies? This governor just blew $15 million building a film studio outside Syracuse that no one ever used and had to be sold for $1. Exactly how much money was wasted on Mr. Cuomo's tunnel fantasy? New Yorkers deserve to know."

Governor Cuomo's manifest incompetence takes a predictable path, the Molinaro campaign said-a grand press announcement; wild promises of success; millions of dollars spent, followed by failure...and then a new grand announcement. It's a never-ending cycle.

In addition to the Central New York Film Hub boondoggle, the campaign pointed to Mr. Cuomo's failed StartUp NY program that spent upwards of $200 million, according to some estimates, to create just over 1,000 jobs; a failed promise in Utica for a state-of-the-art microchip manufacturing plant, and a $750 million outlay of public money in Buffalo for a Solar City plant that has been struggling to keep its doors open since day one.

"I have been critical of this governor for the corruption involving these and other projects," Mr. Molinaro continued. "He has lined his campaign pockets with donations from the very same companies to which he hands our money. But Mr. Cuomo's rank incompetence cannot be overlooked. This is money we cannot afford to throw away."

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