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Congressman Reed Defends New York Property Rights in Washington

BINGHAMTON – January 27, 2015 – Dan Fitzsimmons, President of the Joint Landowners Coalition of New York said: “We are extremely pleased that Congressman Tom Reed (NY-23) has introduced federal legislation in response to Governor Cuomo’s theft of property rights in the Southern Tier. We are especially proud that JLCNY board member Neil Vitale accompanied Congressman Reed to the President’s State of the Union Address, highlighting our fight for the rights of New York landowners.”  

Congressman Tom Reed released the following statement:

“Far too often private property owners are left on the sidelines while local, state and federal governments’ make decisions for them on what they can and cannot do with their property. This is not right; it is not fair; and it is not the American way. These actions by government entities often leave our neighbors and friends with property that is worth much less, hurting their families and leaving them little choice but to accept the lower value.

“That is why I invited Steuben County farmer Neil Vitale to the State of the Union this week. I wanted to highlight those unjustly and unfairly impacted by adverse government action. I care deeply about the farmers and families of Western New York, which is why I am putting this concern into action.

“As a result, I have introduced a bill to defend Neil Vitale and all those unfairly harmed by government. This legislation would allow our friends and neighbors the option to seek compensation for their loss and provide a more fair process in our court system.

“I appeal to our highest of American ideals - fairness and doing what is right. And today I believe we have taken a big first step in defense of fairness and in defense of private property rights.”

Scott Kurkoski, attorney for the JLCNY said: “Congressman Reed’s Defense of Property Rights Act provides that government may not take private property, including oil, gas and mineral rights, in part or in whole, temporarily or permanently, without just compensation. The Act will allow all landowners aggrieved by Governor Cuomo’s hydraulic fracturing decision to pursue Fifth Amendment claims for the taking of their mineral rights. It will also level the playing field by allowing us to pursue these claims in federal court.”

Visit the JLCNY website for more information on the legislation.

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