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Dear Friends and Natural Gas Supporters,
Our Protest Rally plans worked out and the event was a huge success. To those who made the effort to attend on behalf of everyone else...
YOU were there to show Cuomo how strong the support for Natural Gas development is and how mistaken he is to proceed with banning NG development and stealing your land rights in the process. Please take a moment to read the attached press release covering the important highlights and facts presented by the speakers.
As I told you last week, NO ONE WILL PROTECT YOUR RIGHTS FOR YOU. If you want to preserve your rights and to have a chance to lease your land there is no other time to fight for those rights than right now.
In the days and weeks ahead we'll be doing a lot more to give you every chance possible to preserve your rights, so please keep looking for our correspondences.
Please remember, in the United Sates it is your CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS to sell, lease, and/or develop your mineral rights. Governor Cuomo is taking your CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS with no factual or legal basis! His efforts are all based on lies, fear-mongering, and speculation peddled by the progressive moneyed anti-gas elite and soaked up by the rank and file anti-gas protesters. They will not stand, but it will take time and effort to undo their wrongs.
Please don't be discouraged. We have come this far together, and we'll make it the rest of the way together.
Warm Regards,
Dan Fitzsimmons, President
Joint Landowners Coalition of New York, Inc.

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