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Excerpt from the Fred Dicker's Radio show in the form of the transcript of the interview for the period of time in question:

Date: Monday, September 10, 2012
Time Frame
: 45:05 – 47:38

Dicker: Let me ask you about some other pending things, the hydrofracking decision – It was expected in the spring, it was expected in the summer then around Labor Day and now it’s after Labor Day; what’s the latest on that? If you could tell us?

Cuomo: I don’t think any recent developments – they are working through it, it is very complicated and gets more complicated not less complicated. Uh.. (Dicker interrupts Cuomo)

Dicker: This isn’t a matter of political cold feet? Or uh, what some could say to the growing opposition, it is also the growing push-back to the growing opposition? That’s not being factored in here with the election coming up?

Cuomo: And what the Presidential would make a difference here?

Dicker: Well, local elections as well that are coming up and that could make a difference where  it’s an issue in some of the races.

Cuomo: Yeah no, I think it is more the facts, and making sure you have the science, and the legal review – it is a highly controversial issue I would anticipate legal challenges whatever the decision is and some of those legal challenges or the premise of the legal challenges are being voiced now, I can hear the lawyer’s voice in some of these “political arguments.” So, making sure whatever the decision is, it’s well grounded and  anticipates legal challenges. I think that’s prudent and that’s what they are doing now.

Dicker: Do you expect the decision before the elections?

Cuomo: Whenever they are ready. I don’t think the election, I don’t see any connection between the decision and the election.

Dicker: Okay, but do you think there will be a decision before election day? Just to say weeks or so? After the election? Before the year end? Could it be next year?

Cuomo: You know I’m not doing that to DEC Fred, I’m not saying I want it by the election or after the election. When it is done and they’re prepared, that is when we’ll announce the decision. And remember, the announcing of the decision is not going to be the conclusion, I promise you there will be lawsuits, whatever the decision is. The day right after decision there will be another press conference that says: “Now, we’re going to Step 2, which is a series of legal challenges and political challenges and we’re trying to get federal legislation and state legislation,” so it’s going to be an on-going situation for a long time.


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