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Dear Friends, Landowners, and Natural Gas Supporters,

We are facing some of the most difficult days of our four-year fight to protect our rights and to begin natural gas development in NY. We have worked ourselves to the bone and sacrificed so much over the last four years. We held our breath, waiting for Governor Cuomo to keep his word to release the SGEIS by the end of the summer -- by Labor Day -- etc. Despite positive comments from our leaders in Albany, we are still in a torturous waiting game.

Here is a quick summary of what the JLCNY is doing and what is ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL that you do -- keep doing -- and don't quit:

· We have launched a massive call in campaign to the Governor and key legislators – it’s working!

· We have written a powerful letter to the Governor and asked others such as a group of town Supervisors and the Greater Binghamton Chamber to do so as well. Those letters are attached for your review.

· We have intensified our efforts in Albany to keep the pressure on the Governor and our Legislature.

· We are working with top national and NY reporters to make sure they understand the issues, to get them to look past the misinformation, and to understand how this Hollywood inspired debate is hurting real people.

· We are working on participating in two ad campaigns to counter the opposition and to keep the truth front and center.

Here's what we need YOU TO DO:

· CALL the Governor and the Legislators below.  You should be calling every one of these numbers every single day -- and emailing if you have access to the Internet.  We hear it is making a difference.

Governor Cuomo 518 474 8390

Senator Bonacic 845 344 3311

Senator Skelos 518 455 3171
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Senator Libous 877 854 2687
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Senator Seward 607 432 5524

Senator Maziarz 716 434 0680

Senator O’Mara 607 776 3201
· Your Message:  No More Delays -- We Need Natural Gas Development NOW.
Governor Cuomo and the DEC have assured us that the SGEIS would be released this summer. It is crucial that the Governor direct the DEC to move forward now.
Continued delay will thrust the release of the SGEIS into an even more heated political debate which is what the Governor had hoped to avoid.
Natural Gas Development is supported by national and state leaders including President Obama and Mayor Bloomberg.
Our members and communities are facing dire circumstances. They cannot hold on much longer.
Continued delay will cause economic and employment opportunities to go to Pennsylvania .
A delay will only serve to empower opponents.
· Encourage everyone you can to call and email as well.
· DON'T lose faith in our effort. We haven't gone through this exhausting, heart-wrenching journey to quit now. 
· Realize that our greatest strength is OUR UNITY and our numbers. Don't let anyone divide us. We are strongest as an independent, landowner organization.
Thank you for your faith and your fortitude.  We will see this journey through. We will win. But we have to stay together and we have to rise up. Stay strong. Make your calls and then make them again.
All the best,
Dan Fitzsimmons, President
Joint Landowners Coalition of New York, Inc.

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