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Story Updated: Aug 3, 2012 WBNG Binghamton, NY

Colesville, NY (WBNG Binghamton) It's called resolution 59.12. It's become a popular piece of legislation circulating around local municipalities.

It says that no moratorium on hydraulic fracturing will be put in place before the state of New York has made it's decision.

But what is it and who's behind it?

Resolution 59.12 basically puts the decision in the hands of the state.

It's being circulated by the Joint Landowners Coalition of New York.

But why?

"If you look at these issues, they're far too complex for local municipalities to really resolve on their own. The experts on these issues really reside on the state level," said Attorney Scott Kurkoski.

The resolution states this: Be it resolved, that we have confidence the state will develop a program that allows development of our natural gas resources to proceed in a safe, responsible, and competitive manner.

It's the timing of the resolution and the wording that worries some.

"In April Governor Cuomo stated that he would allow drilling in towns that want it. Shortly after that point in early May, towns, or these resolutions began springing up in front of various town boards," said Isaac Silberman-Gorn.

Isaac is among many who think the resolution will be an open invitation for drillers to buy up land if drilling is to be allowed in New York.

"What we're finding is that they're being used to show support for drilling. De facto support for drilling," Silberman-Gorn said.

The Joint Coalition of New York Landowners' position is that it's their land and they should be able to do whatever they want with it.

They also think fracking is the logical next step in America's future.

"It's a whole change in the way our country is working. We now are closer to energy independence than we ever have been before," Kurkoski said.

The resolution faces opposition in Colesville, even now, three months after it was passed, but those speaking out aren't all against it.

During a meeting on August 2, a handful of people also came out to thank the town board for passing the resolution back in May.

The Town of Colesville is trying to organize a forum so both sides can voice their opinions on fracking.

There is no word yet if or when it will happen.

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