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A thoughtful and timely letter by a young man to the editor of the Corning Leader that may or may not be published by them. These words of wisdom need to be spoken or shared  over and over again to the environmental extremists, their blind followers and the politicians who listen and cater to them. They should be picked up and spread to and by the long suffering landowners who need to finally find their voices and get going on defending their rights. By the gas companies who seem terminally muted as their business model is evicerated by the live bullets being shot at them in rapid fire, because of their excessive financial success and their reckless and careless actions in the past while harvesting gas and oil. We as a country need to understand the desperate and errosive nature of these divisive times and get our counrty back to one of greatness and inclusion rather than one of exclusion and selfishness. JLCpulse

Over the past four years, I have observed many pro- horizontal drilling and high volume hydraulic fracturing speakers who have given the facts on this process of the extraction of natural gas in the Marcellus Shale. They focused on the scientific research derived from drilling in other parts of the nation, as well as the economic benefits and the increased energy independence that come with drilling for natural gas.

What I have observed from anti-hydraulic fracturing speakers can be summarized in the following statement: “Don’t trust anyone.” Recently, I witnessed an anti-hydraulic speaker at a seminar tell the members of an audience, that when it comes to hydraulic fracturing, to not trust their neighbors, any elected officials, the police, the Department of Environmental Conservation, or any scientist who has viewpoints that conflict with her own.

I have always placed confidence in the armed forces, police, and others who are charged with protecting and serving American citizens. I have also always placed my trust in the DEC. No melodramatic “scientist” will ever succeed in changing my common sense.  Aside from being a state regulatory agency that is comprised of scientists who have been studying horizontal drilling and high volume hydraulic- fracturing for over four years, the DEC is also a law enforcement agency. We may not agree with everything that the DEC does, but if nothing else, this organization does deserve to be trusted to do what is best for our environment.

Anti-hydraulic fracturing activists habitually claim that we cannot trust any person who speaks in favor of hydraulic fracturing, as he may have been “bought out” by the industry. If this is so, how can anti-hydraulic fracturing activists trust anyone who speaks against hydraulic fracturing? He may have been “bought out” by the renewable energy industry. Don’t be naïve. The “green” energy industry is just like any other; profit, or under these circumstances, taxpayer subsidy, is of great importance. These “green” companies also have an impact on the environment. For instance, research rare earth elements. You will soon discover how these essential compounds of wind turbines, solar panels, and electric cars are produced in nations where environmental regulations are nonexistent.

At a time when other members of my generation are living in boxes in an attempt to occupy Wall Street, a biblical verse comes to mind. “He that keepeth the law is a wise son.” The United States of America was founded on principles of trust, respect, and honesty. When Americans abide by these principles, America is prosperous. I refuse to believe that we, as Americans, have entered an era where this is no longer so.        -Chad A. Vitale   Troupsburg NY

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