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Dear Friends, Coalition Leaders, Landowners, and Natural Gas Supporters,

While it may seem at times that New Yorkers will never be allowed to enjoy the benefits of developing our natural gas I hope that this email will give you new found hope and energy to keep pressing on in our fight for what we know is so right for our communities and our prosperity. Here are a few of our recent successes on your behalf…

On Mothers’ Day I was interviewed on Fox & Friends at about 8:45 AM. This was a live national broadcast in which I was able to promote our interests and rights while debunking some of our opponents’ false information and hysterics. We hope to have a copy of the interview to post to the website. Almost immediately after the interview I started receiving positive and supportive responses from fellow landowners and supporters from across the nation telling me how right we are in our fight. I’m sure the same message is coming through to our elected and appointed leaders!

Last Wednesday (May 9th) the JLCNY delivered our “Declaration of Landowner Rights” at a news conference in Albany. More specifically we reasserted our collective rights and expectations as landowners and community members who support safe and responsible natural gas development. This was attended by supportive politicians and widely reported by state and national level media. Unfortunately a few media sources tried to downplay our progress with the usual fear based allegations, while ignoring that they have long since been disproven, in misguided attempts to question our rights. However the majority of the mainstream media reported it for what it represented… landowners standing up for their right to develop their land safely and responsibly to the benefit, not detriment, of our communities and nation.

On April 11th the JLCNY hosted the First Annual Natural Gas Career and Education Expo along with Broome Tioga Workforce and Broome Community College. This was a huge success attended by nearly 50 companies and an estimated 2,500 jobseekers. Oh yes, there were three “brave” protestors who did a great job of magnifying our point that those who support natural gas and the prosperity it will bring represent the silent majority in NY. But the best achievement of the Expo was showing NY’s leaders that community members beyond just landowners recognize that natural gas will revitalize their lives and towns, they want the jobs it will bring, and that the promise of jobs only needs a green light to become a reality!

Additionally a study released Tuesday (May 15th) by the University of Buffalo’s Shale Resources and Society Institute concludes that state oversight of gas drilling has been effective at reducing environmental problems in Pennsylvania and will prevent major problems in New York if the state allows drilling to begin. Results of the study received national media coverage, with over 15 articles reporting the study. Here is a link to one of those articles...

We are hoping that the SGEIS will still be released late this summer. We anticipate pushback from the anti-gas community. Just as the examples above show, we are going to continue to actively promote our interests and rights in our communities, across the state, and even nationally in new and unique ways that will put us over the top.

What we have done so far has taken a lot of time, effort, and the support of your generous contributions to succeed. And succeed it has! However to put our plans into play and guarantee their success we need your continued support now more than ever. Will you please donate to keep us moving forward?

It’s easy to do! Simply click on the donate button on the left of the JLCNY home page or mail your check or money order to…

PO Box2839
Binghamton, NY 13902

We’re almost there, but we have to keep pressing on. Your donation today will help assure our victory.

Finally, I wanted to alert you to the ongoing poll (link provided below). This is just one more example of the positive efforts we are supporting. Please vote and forward this link to anyone else who might be interested in casting a quick vote in favor of allowing hydrofracking in NYS.

Should Cuomo Allow Hydrofracking in the State? [POLL]

Warm Regards,
Dan Fitzsimmons, President
Joint Landowners Coalition of New York, Inc.

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