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Chesapeake Upgrades, Repairs Pennsylvania Roads

Chesapeake paid for improvements to State Road 2024 in Bradford County.

Traveling in the Marcellus Shale invariably means driving on rural roads that twist and turn through the countryside of Pennsylvania and West Virginia. These charming scenic byways often consist of thin layers of pavement known locally as piecrust that require near-constant repair. The annual freeze/thaw cycle and consistent use lead to road damage and year-round patching.

When Chesapeake Energy Corporation began operations in northeastern Pennsylvania, we understood that many roads were not designed to accommodate the heavy loads that are a part of the natural gas production process. That’s why we began offering Road Use Maintenance Agreements to local municipalities to cut down on their paperwork and expenses while ensuring that Chesapeake remains responsible for any road damage its operations might cause. Currently, we have such agreements with more than 40 local municipalities. We also work with thePennsylvania Department of Transportation’s regional districts to secure Excess Maintenance Agreements and Roadway Maintenance Plans.

Since 2010, Chesapeake has invested more than $300 million repairing, maintaining and upgrading roads in the Marcellus. Sometimes this work has included simply repairing existing roads. At other times, it has required full-depth reclamation — a pavement rehabilitation process that blends the recycled asphalt underlying materials to stabilize the subsurface base, improves the road’s structural integrity and rebuilds it to today’s engineering standards.

Working with local townships and the Pennsylvania departments of transportation and environmental protection, Chesapeake has repaired nearly 450 miles of roads in northern Pennsylvania alone. In 2012, we plan to invest approximately $25 million upgrading approximately 56 miles of state roads in northern Pennsylvania and another $15 million on township roads.

Chesapeake’s infrastructure efforts sometimes go beyond our needs to provide relief for others. While developing a plan to rebuild James Street (State Road 1041) in Bradford County, Chesapeake recognized that pre-existing erosion issues were causing the roadway edge to slide down into an adjacent creek. That safety hazard required immediate action. While not caused by Chesapeake’s operations, we recognized the risk to public safety and committed approximately $300,000 in additional work to address the slippages while upgrading the rest of the roadway.

Elsewhere, flooding in the fall of 2011 damaged a culvert on Mosier Road in Standing Stone Township, Bradford County, to the point that it was unsafe for vehicle crossings. The roadway, which is used as a school bus and postal service route, is critical. Chesapeake Midstream Partners invested more than $150,000 to rebuild the culvert and stabilize the road above it. The project was completed within a week.

Chesapeake keeps roads in a safe condition and often makes upgrades before our employees and contractors use them. The company is dedicated to safe operations and being a good neighbor in the communities where we operate, at times employing more than 22 crews from 15 different local contractors to make repairs and upgrades to damaged roads. These projects are part of Chesapeake’s commitment to responsible development of the Marcellus in Pennsylvania.




2011 Road Construction


State Road 2010 in Bradford County before and after repairs provided by Chesapeake.

Bradford County:

SR 1001, Clapper Hill Road
SR 1003, Steam Mill Hollow Road
SR 1004, Turkey Path
SR 1007-1, Spring Hill Road
SR 1008, Crow Hill Road
SR 1056-1, Cotton Hollow Road
SR 1058, Litchfield Road
SR 2004, Golden Hill Road
SR 2013, Rienze Road
SR 2015, North Street
SR 2017, Marshview Road
SR 2025, Homets Ferry Road
SR 3002, Overton Road
SR 3004, Hatch Hill Road
SR 3008, Southside Road
SR 3010, Mill Street
SR 3011, Madigan Road
SR 3018, Bridge Street Hill
SR 3019, Bailey Corners Road
SR 3020, Plank Road
SR 4002, Shotgun Hollow Road
SR 4003, Nobel Road

Sullivan County:

SR 1014
SR4016-1, Overton Road
SR4018, Dushore-Overton Road

Susquehanna County:

SR 367
SR 3001, Doolittle Hill Road
SR 3003
SR 3004
SR 3005
SR 3007

Wyoming County:

SR 4004, Golden Hill Road
SR 4005, Nimble Road
SR 4019-1, Kaiserville Road




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