Gasland the Movie

The New York Times picked up Greenwire writer Mike Soroghan's article debunking Josh Fox's Gasland movie (Does anybody except Josh and his fellow anti-gas protestors or those simply following the pattern established by it's initial and inappropriate classification still call it a "documentary" with a straight face?) back on 02-24. While this is good reporting on the Time's part, it makes their series on waste water all the more unbelievable. It is still unfathomable that Times could have allowed such poor journalism to sully it's reputation.

To learn more about the errors of Josh's ways and his home movie making please read the article linked to below.

In case the link does not work, following this introduction is a link to a PDF version of the article.

Download this file (Times Gasland Rebuttal 1.pdf)Times Gasland Rebuttal 1.pdf113 kB

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