Gasland the Movie

It seems that Josh Fox commands a $5,000 minimum speaking fee for spewing his anti-gas nonsense:

(or see attached PDF file verion at end of this page)

Also, see (or see attached PDF file verion at end of this page) for the documenation on the speaking fees.

One pro-gas supporter decided to submit a letter to the editor of USA Today as follows:


To The Editor:

Well, Gasland failed to garner the coveted Oscar.  USA Today tried to rally the sympathy vote for Gasland, stating the film only "made $30,800 (substantially less than the $100,000 director Fox was offered for the natural-gas drilling rights on his Pennsylvania property)."  It didn't work.

Perhaps, someone at the Oscars learned Fox's bizarre claim of what would have been $5,000 per acre offer, when everyone else was getting offered half that, just didn't wash.

Perhaps, someone noticed the real money wasn't in the ticket sales but in the $5,000 and up speaking fees Fox commands for going around the nation to hyperventilate on the subject of faucets that flamed long before gas was even a dream.

Perhaps someone noticed one of Fox's production assistants was an Irene Yibirin.  The Venezuelan Embassy blames Gasland's loss of the Oscar on supposed prejudice against Venezuelans.  The Embassy says Yibirín was "coordinator at the film distributor Amazonia Films."  Amazonia Films is a "government foundation,"  a part of murdering thug Hugo Chavez's dictatorship.  This is the same repressive government that promotes revolution throughout the world and aligns itself with Iran and Libya.  But, there's nothing surprising here.  Fox, prior to Gasland, produced Memorial Day, an implicitly anti-American film that reveals what he's really about, just like his Venezuelan friends.  Google it and you'll see what I mean.

So now we know the real Josh Fox, the kid who grew up in New York City, but loves to call Wayne County home.  He's an anti-American hustler and people are beginning to notice.

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