Gasland the Movie
The highly respected Investors Business Daily has picked up on Josh Fox's Venezuelan Connection:


The story appears to be correct, as the Venezuelan Embassy website indicates the following:
So now we know not only "Superwoman" actress Debra Winger, but also the government of Hugo Chavez, the murdering thug dictator of Venezuela, were behind Gasland.  Note this government website identifies Irene Yibirín as "coordinator at the film distributor Amazonia Films."  Amazonia Films also has a website at:


You will note this website identifies Amazonia Films as a "government foundation."  Irene Yibirin, therefore, was effectively a part of Chavez government and she, together with numerous other local and national personalities (be sure to look at the whole list, especially the "special thanks" list), are listed among the credits on the IMDb page for Gasland:


How much Yibirin actually had to do with Gasland is, of course, unknown, but isn't fascinating that the Venezuelan government suggests it was significant?  This is the same repressive government that promotes revolution throughout the world and aligns itself with Iran and Libya.  There is, unfortunately, nothing surprising here.  Fox, prior to Gasland, produced Memorial Day, an implicitly anti-American film that reveals what he's really about, just like his Venezuelan friends.  See for more details on that movie.

All working together to subvert you and your communities' prosperity, energy self sufficiency, environmental safety, and rights in a theater near you!

Please note: In the event that the information linked to in the text above becomes unavailable, below are links to the information as captured in PDF files.

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