Gasland the Movie
Background: Following is a statement by Tom Amontree, Executive Vice President for America’s Natural Gas Alliance, on this morning’s announcement that the film ‘Gasland’ has been nominated for an Oscar in the documentary category.  Linked is a fact sheet and video documenting some of the film’s numerous misrepresentations and attached is a quote sheet of experts also challenging the film’s claims. 

“This is a deeply disappointing development given that Gasland’s allegations have been widely disproven. State and federal regulators investigated the claims made in the film and found them to be false. The results of these investigations were well-known to the filmmaker at the time he made his movie. 

“This nomination is particularly troubling because natural gas is routinely and safely produced across this country and holds such extraordinary potential to advance our nation’s clean energy economy. Contrary to the film’s claims, natural gas development can and does exist in harmony with our environment, and it can play a central role in improving our nation’s air quality and solving our energy challenges. 

“The stakes are too high to allow our energy choices to be influenced by the gross and deliberate misrepresentations by this filmmaker who knew the facts and chose to ignore them. We hope that viewers will seek out the truth for themselves and cast a skeptical eye on this deeply flawed film.”


America's Natural Gas Alliance (ANGA) represents 30 of the nation's leading independent natural gas exploration and production companies. ANGA members are dedicated to increasing the appreciation of the environmental, economic and national security benefits of clean, abundant, American natural gas. Learn more about ANGA at

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