The Energy Infrastructure and Economy Summit, sponsored by the Otsego County Chamber of Commerce, was held at the Otesaga Hotel on Thursday, Jan.31. Starting at 9:00 AM, ending at 4:00 PM. it featured 19 speakers and 170 attendees. The conference tilterd heavily towards renewables but there was substantial balance with 4 pro gas industry-supportive speakers plus a majority pro-gas business community in attendance. Our Association had a presence, not only in securing speakers but also with members in the audience. We have to show up and make our voices heard because the antis have a local and national agenda and they are playing for keeps.

Here's the deal. Fossil fuels, particularly gas, are the roadblock to the antis' nirvana of a renewable energy powered society. You've heard of it -- the Green New Deal. Their target is gas because it crushes renewables in the market place. Gas is cheap, abundant, reliable, famiiar, and easy to use. An elite cartel has pin-pointed the gas infrastructure. Their goal is to to keep-gas-in-the-ground at all costs. The the upper escelons of this movement are a powerful elite; your friends and neighbors are in the rank-and-file.

The plan has been consistent over the years; scare people. politicize the issue, impede natural gas, tout renewables, set up mechanisms to spread renewables by hiding true costs to taxpayer/ratepayers. It worked ten years ago with gas drilling. It's at work right now with pipelines.

The next move in the Otsego County Gas Wars will be staged in the Energy Committee of the County Legislature. The committee is tasked with creating an energy plan and are currently looking for a plan writer. The crucial issue -- will new gas infrastructure be included in Otsego County's official plan for growth or will anything related to gas be subverted?

The answer to this question is important. Two companies with a potential workforce of 450 people were interested in locating facilities in the County. They lost interest because of the unavailability of gas. How many more are we going to lose?

Keep tuned and keep the faith,