Gov. Cuomo continues to ban fracking in New York State. He blocks vital natural gas pipelines causing

New England to buy Russian LNG.
Could it be that Putin has made a campaign contribution to Cuomo's war chest?

Could this be a Cuomo-Putin Collusion?
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CFACT billboard — Russia funneled cash to Greens to cripple energy

June 21, 2018

CFACT’s kicked off a new billboard on busy I-10 in Louisiana which reads, “Russia funneled Green groups millions of dollars to oppose fracking & cripple American energy,” and asks, “How’s that for COLLUSION?”

The billboard campaign was spearheaded by CFACT’s Graham Beduze and Adam Houser.

Russia wants to reduce and eliminate competition to its energy exports with the goal of keeping prices high and the world, particularly Europe, dependent on Russian energy.

What better allies could Putin find but the free world’s network of Green pressure groups?

Russia’s actions are well documented in a detailed report released by the U.S. House of Representatives this year.

You can read details about what Russia’s been up to at from CFACT scholars Bonner Cohen here and Paul Driessen here.

Read the full Congressional report on Russia’s collusion with the Greens at

Question:  Are Russia’s Green allies useful idiots, or willing partners in its anti-energy campaigns?

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