May 18  1:36 PM
"I didn't grow up with a famous last name and I wasn't born into politics. I worked as hard as I could to serve the people of Tivoli. What I learned in local government is how very personal government is supposed to be. That residents don't and shouldn't be expected to know which layer of government is responsible for providing what service. But rather we as elected officials are supposed to do our best, to serve our best and to provide help. What I learned as a local government official, where the rubber hits the road is that every dollar counts. In fact, every dime and penny counts and that every citizen deserves a government that is responsive to them. And that the decisions we make have real impacts on real people. We need to understand that. And by the way, as an elected official I think it's incumbent upon us to be among the people we serve. As the village Mayor, you don't hide from anybody, they will fight you at the grocery store, they'll fight you at the post office, they'll fight you at village hall and that's important. People should know that they have a direct connection with the people that serve them. That I think is a very special experience and one that I wish more elected officials had and one that I've carried every day of my adult life."
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