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Molinaro on Cuomo's Plan to Interview AKA "Interrogate" Attorney General Candidates
May 13, 2018  1:47pm

"The Governor's plan to 'interview' aka interrogate prospective Attorney General candidates is a gross violation of the separation of powers. Andrew Cuomo's administration is currently under investigation by the Attorney General's office for bid rigging and pay to play in the case involving SUNY Polytechnic.  In addition, during the trial of his top aide Joe Percoco, multiple and gross violations of the State's Public Officer's Law were revealed that have been referred to JCOPE and should be a subject of legal review.
Sadly, Governor Cuomo has browbeaten or is owed fealty by every watchdog of state government. The former Solicitor General and current interim Attorney General is a Cuomo appointee, the Inspector General is a Cuomo appointee, the head of JCOPE is a Cuomo appointee and every other constitutional branch of government outside of the U.S. Attorney has shrunk from their responsibility under the weight of Cuomo coercion. Is it any wonder he presides over the most corrupt government in America?
Any prospective Attorney General candidate with respect for the office, separation of powers and a commitment to preserving the integrity of an ongoing legal proceeding would tell the Governor where to stick his interview because the Attorney General of New York doesn't work for you!
Attorney General candidates who do accept the interview should be disqualified from office."

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