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April 13, 2018

Five natural gas trade associations representing pretty much the entire natural gas industry (producers, suppliers, pipelines and local gas utilities) sent a joint letter to President Trump on Tuesday asking the President to clarify the role of states in administering Clean Water Act Section 401. Specifically, the groups want the president to slap around individual states that are abusing Section 401 to block critical pipeline projects—like how the corrupt Andrew Cuomo in New York is blocking the Constitution Pipeline by withholding Section 401 approval, substituting his own authority for FERC’s.
The five groups which collectively call themselves the Natural Gas Council, say in the letter that some states abuse Section 401 “to hijack the permitting process for pipelines that transport natural gas in interstate commerce.”
In other words, New York’s action not only hurts the residents of New York, it hurts the residents and producers in Pennsylvania that produce the gas, and potential customers in New England and beyond who would use the gas (i.e. interstate commerce).

While Section 401 gives states a say in how federally-approved pipeline projects are managed, it does not give states the right to outright reject those projects. The Natural Gas Council is calling attention to this ongoing violation and wants Trump to do something about it.
Here’s the letter they sent to President Trump on Tuesday:

Screen Shot 2018 04 15 at 5.07.30 AM

natural gas industry
Use the link below to read the full letter:
It’s time for the federal government to clamp down on rogue states like New York (and New Jersey, and others) who abuse Section 401 authorizations. The current situation of litigating these ongoing violations for years is not acceptable. Justice delayed is justice denied. Perhaps Trump can rectify the situation.

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