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NY Assembly:

NY Senate:


Bureau of Oil & Gas Regulation 
NYSDEC Division of Mineral Resources
625 Broadway, Third Floor 
Albany, NY 12233-6500.

  • Need to expedite the implementation of the New York State Energy Plan
  • New York spends approximately $65 billion annually on energy, of which 53 percent or close to $35 billion leaves the State to pay for energy imports.
  • Reliance on outside sources of energy helps Exporting Nations at the expense of New York.
  • By supporting in-state energy resource development, New York will reduce the outflow of dollars to pay for energy imports.
  • This will help to stimulate the economy and create local jobs.
  • New York is the fourth largest natural gas consuming state in the nation.
  • New York uses 1,200 billion cubic feet of natural gas per year, accounting for about five percent of U.S. demand.
  • New York meets less than 5 percent of its gas demand with in-state production.
  • In-state natural gas production from about 6,700 active natural gas wells supplied 50.3 billion cubic feet in 2008. None are in Marcellus Shale.
  • The majority of the gas to meet the States demand is produced in Canada.
  • In 2008 NYS imported $7.48 Billion of Natural Gas from Canada.
  • More Pipelines are needed to get natural gas to NYC
  • Most large Landowners in New York are Farmers
  • Economic Benefit natural gas development will flow thru Farmers
  • Many farmers are operating in the Red and we need Farm Production
  • Improves our Security as a State and Nation
  • US has 2,074 trillion cubic feet of Domestic Natural Gas Reserves
  • 60-90% less Smog-producing Pollutants
  • 30-40% less Greenhouse Gas Emissions

  • 60% less expensive
  • The Millennium Pipeline is at 60% Capacity
  • There were 5200 Well Permits Issued in Pennsylvania by end of 2009
  • Marcellus accounted for 1991 of the Permits Issued in 2009
  • There were 763 Marcellus Wells Drilled in PA in 2009
  • Half of Marcellus Wells in PA are in Three Counties along our Border
  • Average Marcellus Well has a 30 day Initial Production 6 – 7 MMCFD
  • One well will produce approximately $30 Million gross over 25 years
  • Pennsylvania Economy is Booming and will Supply New York Needs

  • Marcellus shale development is expected to create 98,000 Pennsylvania jobs in 2010 and pump $14.17 billion into state’s economy, according to a recent Penn State study.

  • Barnett shale development in five counties in Texas estimate $10.2 billion into state’s economy creating 99,726 jobs with $1 billion in Tax Receipts (based on The Perryman Group)

  • We have an urgent need to implement the New York State Energy Plan
If you are a landowner interested in joining a coalition to lease your land, or  just want the protections a good lease will ensure, go to our Coalition Groups page.  There you can find a list of our member groups. Chose the one closest to your property and contact them about joining. Most coalitions are free to join, or have a nominal fee to help offset expenses.

If you represent a coalition that would like to join the JLC, please contact a member of the Board of Directors by submitting your information on our contact us page. Attendance at JLC meetings is generally limited to 1-2 steering committee members from each coalition, due to room size constraints.   Expect to give the following information:  total acreage and location of your group, zip codes your coalition represents, member count, coalition's contact info and email.

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