Dear Governor Paterson:


The recent deluge of email from groups like the Catskill Mountainkeepers is just another attempt to stall the process of completing the Supplemental Generic Environmental Statement (SGEIS).  In reading some of their comments it is clear to me, as I believe it must be to you, that the people submitting the emails have either not read the draft SGEIS or they do not understand it.  The draft SGEIS is a very long, comprehensive document that covers the issues of gas drilling, fracing, water use, and waste management.  It includes the requirement for a large number of addenda that must be completed and provided prior to getting a permit to drill or prior to ground disturbing activities.  In addition, the original GEIS must be read and other regulations need to be researched to understand the SGEIS.


The DEC has an enviable record regulating the natural gas industry in New York.  We believe that the DEC will continue to monitor the gas industry closely to protect our environment as well as allow natural gas development to proceed.

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