WMHT’s “New York Now”:

State Sen. Tom Libous sat down for a “New York Now” interview Monday afternoon just after taking part in a pro-fracking rally at the Capitol. The Binghamton Republican and strong fracking advocate — noting that his comment is “going to cause a stir” — said he believes that the work that would go into the Health Department’s review of DEC’s analysis of the potential health impacts of hydrofracking is effectively done, and that he believes nothing stands in the way of Gov. Andrew Cuomo approving a pilot drilling plan by the end of the year.

Here’s Libous:

I believe that the Health Department, long before this decision to have them do a health assessment — I think they know what the health assessment is. It’s been four years in the making. I sat on the advisory committee that hasn’t met in quite some time. We had presentations back then by the Health Department. I think they’re well aware of what the impact is. I think the studies are done. I think it’s just a matter of making a decision, to moving forward.

There is, however, the political question of DOH waiting less than three months before giving the DEC’s assessment its thumbs-up. Environmentalists on the other side are still waiting for many of the details of how DOH will conduct its review, including who the outside advisers requested by DEC Commissioner Joe Martens will be.

The full interview — including talk of the Senate elections just ahead, and what the new legislative session might bring — runs this weekend on WMHT’s “New York Now”: