This could have been the story all over Broome County if not for a few selfish single topic zealots spreading stories which either frightened  or caused doubts in a substantial group of our population.JLCpulse

0/09/2012 05:24 PM  YNN, by Web staff

BROOME COUNTY, N.Y. -- Residents of the Windsor School District may have been a little surprised when they opened their most recent school tax bill. Instead of going up like so many taxes are, they went down.

The reason for the decrease is due, primarily, to the laser pipeline that transports natural gas from wells in Pennsylvania to the Millenium pipeline. Officials report that the pipeline and associated compressor station have increased the municipality’s tax base by nearly $30 million.

Some are finding it hard to find a downside to this economic boost to the area.

"I think what this points out, and I think Dan Fitzsimmons said it extremely well, is that just because you're not going to have a well in your back yard or my back yard or whatever, the positive effects of natural gas drilling, if you will, will affect our community and will affect it in primarily a very positive manner," said Steve Herz, Broome County legislator, 9th District.

The 30 mile laser pipeline was just built last year after gaining approval from the New York State Public Service Commission.