Wednesday, September 26, 2012 in Knapp Acquisitions & Production PA Shale Gas Blog

In the wake of the water in Dimcok being declared clean and safe, well known and VERY loud anti-drilling activists Craig and Julie Sautner, who lived right in the thick of the disputed area, tucked tail, dropped their lawsuit, took a paycheck, sold their home, and moved to NY state. 

In their haste to retreat, a couple of very interesting and very telling facts came to pass:

1.  The Sautners have long complained about their property value being reduced to "next to nothing" and being rendered "unsellable".  Wrong.  They had no problem selling their supposedly valueless home, to the tune of $167,500.00, just weeks after their lawsuit evaporated.  

2. The Sautners, who vowed to never settle and never be silenced, realized that their case had degraded to nothing and took a settlement check from the gas company.  They also signed a non-disclosure agreement, something they claimed they would never do and sharply criticized others for doing. 

3.  Supposedly fleeing the horrible perils of gas drilling, the Sautners purchased a property in NY state which.....wait for it........has a Talisman natural gas lease on the property!  So much for fleeing the big bad gas companies!

Like we've said for a LONG time... this wasn't about the water.  This was about the lawsuit, and the paychecks that could have came with it.  This was about hobnobbing with celebrities and being on national television.  This was about 15 minutes of fame.  Now that the lawsuit is gone and the 15 minutes are up, we can plainly see that the emperor has no clothes.   Someone get him a robe!