Dear Friends, Landowners, and Natural Gas Supporters Everywhere,

The new year is only beginning and already anti-gas efforts are starting in Albany! We just learned about a very dangerous bill two days ago. Hopefully we can nip it in the bud before it has a chance to be seriously considered.

The threat is a bill that would allow your local township to ban natural gas development in your area in spite of all the efforts the DEC has put into making NY the safest and most responsible place to do so. This bill is bad for four reasons.

First, your right to have your minerals extracted could be stripped away if your town officials bow to the emotional cries of misinformed NIMBY protesters supported by out of town activists and their well funded anti-drilling groups. Not only would you suffer, but your entire town would be deprived of the jobs, spending, and ad valorem tax revenue that drilling companies would bring to your area and school district. Meanwhile just a few miles away in a neighboring town where leaders and landowners support it, gas development would bring prosperity.

Second, even if your town supports gas development, if other towns near you ban efforts gas companies might not come to your area either. You would be landlocked out of leasing your property, especially if it is near the town border line.

Third, this will lead to lawsuits against towns. Defending a ban will cost a town money that taxpayers will have to cover. You may have to retain an attorney to sue your town for your taken mineral rights. In a cruel irony you would pay for your attorney while your tax dollars pay for the town's defense attorney!

Fourth, this bill has many negative consequences that will directly impact economic development and job creation. It will add another layer of unnecessary regulatory road blocks to any type of economic development and job creation. It will lead to a crazy patchwork of local regulations created not by well informed reason, but by emotional knee jerk reactions. This precedent could eventually adversely affect any and all activities and businesses currently regulated at the state level. Regulatory uniformity would be replaced with chaos. Regulations could be changed every time a town board changes. All of NY's communities would suffer as businesses confused by the variety of local rules find it more and more difficult to be in NY.

This is truly a bill to be put down strong and fast. It is time to say "New York IS open to business and economic development!" and to stop the message that “NY is open only to businesses that NIMBY's Choose”.

And here's the first step in doing that...

We need to encourage the sponsor of the bill, Senator James Seward, not to introduce it. To his credit he is giving you an opportunity to tell him so! Please complete his survey found at this web page...

We strongly encourage every single NY landowner, worker, resident, and business owner to answer question number three "NO" on this survey since the bill will hurt each and every one of us! Once you have completed the survey be sure to submit it and then return back to the survey page to have another supporter complete it. If your family members don't have the time or means to complete the survey you can do it for them (with their permission and knowledge of course). Yes, please be sure to have all of your family members complete the survey. And get your friends to do it too! It will not take more than a minute and it is free. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

If you cannot access the web page linked to above please open this file and print it to have a paper copy of the survey. Complete it and send it to Sen. Seward's office. The instructions and Sen. Seward's address are on the printout to make it easy for you.

Thanks for your support on this important action item. A little action now will go a long ways towards preventing the need for much harder, more time consuming, and costly efforts later on.

Warmest Regards,
Dan Fitzsimmons, President
Joint Landowners Coalition of New York, Inc.