June 14, 2918 at 5:05 PM
Molinaro Statement on Albany Run, Government Based Health Care Legislation
"While Albany run government based health care legislation was passed today by the New York State Assembly, it isn't going anywhere in the Senate, this year and that's a good thing. But passage of the bill reveals a dangerous mindset, first the absolute willingness of some legislators to impose a huge additional tax burden on already struggling New Yorkers. According to estimates from the Empire Center, the cost of the tax could approach $200 billion annually. New Yorkers are already among the highest taxed citizens in America, another $200 billion would make that burden far worse."
"Equally as dangerous is the notion that Albany should make all health care decisions for New Yorkers. There is always room to make improvements in the costs, quality and the delivery of healthcare, but as recently as yesterday, Andrew Cuomo's administration demonstrated the cost of incompetence, literally losing almost $1.3 billion dollars in duplicated premiums. $1.3 billion dollars that should have gone to improving access to quality healthcare simply vanished.  Albany based health care is wrong for New York: the costs are too high; the competence is not there; and the destruction private insurance market is bad for New Yorkers."

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