Statement from New York Gubernatorial Candidate Marc Molinaro on JCOPE Independence Questions 
June 11, 2018
"Andrew Cuomo's Joint Commission on Public Integrity has no integrity. Its exoneration of Cuomo lieutenant Sam Hoyt should be viewed with deep skepticism."

"JCOPE is led by long-time Cuomo operative and Sheldon Silver acolyte Seth Agata, the JCOPE executive director who has refused to investigate blatant lawbreaking in the Governor's New York City office in 2014. Mr. Agata, who worked at the Governor's 633 Third Avenue suite while convicted Cuomo campaign manager Joe Percoco was illegally running the Governor's 2014 re-election campaign out of his taxpayer-paid office, lost any and all credibility in failing to investigate the 633 illegality, or even to recuse himself in the matter."

"Make no mistake about it: JCOPE is a direct political appendage of Andrew Cuomo and this decision reeks of another whitewash. JCOPE is an ethics commission in name only, rigged from the start to benefit a constitutionally corrupt administration."

"Once again, it's proven that Cuomo does not listen to women within his administration who are crying for help when it comes to sexual harassment. His actions or lack of action, are perfect examples that you can have all the laws and rules, issue great press releases, but if the leadership doesn't have the courage to simply do what is right, it means nothing."

"If elected Governor, I have pledged to tear down this kangaroo court and replace it with a truly independent ethics watchdog that will beholden to the people, not the politicians."

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