May 30, 2018 at 11:01 AM
'2019 Accountable Government Act'  Will Prohibit Political Donations from Individuals or Corporate Entities Seeking or Maintaining
Contracts with New York State
Buffalo--May 30...New York gubernatorial candidate Marc Molinaro today announced that political donations from people or businesses holding or seeking contracts with the State of New York would be banned under his "2019 Accountable Government Act," a bold ethics reform plan that he will be rolling out throughout the summer months.
Mr. Molinaro, the Dutchess County Executive, made the announcement at a news conference in Buffalo Wednesday, where members of Governor Andrew Cuomo's administration, and other close Cuomo confidantes, will soon be standing trial on federal corruption charges stemming from "pay-to-play" practices. Mr. Cuomo, himself, is under federal investigation for receiving $400,000 in political donations from executives and associates of Crystal Run Healthcare after awarding the Hudson Valley firm $25 million in state grants.
"Andrew Cuomo's Albany is a cesspool of corruption, and the people of this state no longer trust their government as a result, " Mr. Molinaro said. "If we are to begin restoring that trust -- and we must -- political donations from state vendors and contract holders must be permanently outlawed. This governor promised ethics reforms when he ran and then made a mockery of his promise, becoming the worst pay-to-play offender in state history."
Mr. Molinaro noted that Governor Cuomo has given away billions of dollars in state contracts and tax breaks to individuals and corporations which have provided the governor with millions of dollars in political donations.
Mr. Molinaro said that his '2019 Accountable Government Act' will also close the so-called "LLC Loophole" that controversially permits individuals to donate to favored candidates under thinly-disguised corporate entities.

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