$400,000 From Crystal Run Healthcare Alone Could Pay for 
Dozens of Summer Lifeguards, School Supplies, Drug Education Materials 

New York, May 29th- Special tax breaks and lucrative corporate contracts-100% financed by everyday New Yorkers-have yielded tens of millions of dollars in kick-back dividends that rightfully belong to the People of New York State- not to Andrew Cuomo- Dutchess County Executive and gubernatorial candidate Marc Molinaro today charged. 
Mr. Molinaro, who will release the toughest state ethics plan ever proposed in June, likened Cuomo's pay-to-play practices to a CEO negotiating sweetheart deals with private contractors and pocketing the cash. Such a transaction would land that CEO in prison, Mr. Molinaro noted. 

"Andrew Cuomo actually believes he is the government, but he's not. He's a temporary employee of New York State; he does not own its resources," Mr. Molinaro said. "Any dividends yielded from his decisions involving those resources rightly belong to the people of New York, not to him. Any money derived from leveraging state resources in favor of a particular individual or entity should be transferred to the State's General Fund." 

"Governor Cuomo, who is under federal criminal investigation for awarding a $25 million (taxpayer-paid) grant to Hudson-Valley corporation Crystal Run Healthcare after the firm and its partners gave his campaign $400,000, has given away billions of dollars worth of state contracts and benefits in exchange for tens of millions of dollars in political donations," Molinaro said. "Mr. Cuomo reportedly has $31 million in his campaign fund, much of it derived from pay-to-play schemes." 

Mr. Molinaro called on Governor Cuomo to explain why he is keeping millions of dollars in corporate kickbacks derived from state-owned property, resources, and contracts. "That money," Mr. Molinaro said, "not only belongs to New Yorkers, it is needed by New Yorkers for everyday expenditures such as hiring summer lifeguards (around 70 full-time), school supplies (millions of crayons), or providing students with drug education materials in the classroom."

"Andrew Cuomo was given the keys to the Governor's Mansion by promising to be Robin Hood," Mr. Molinaro said. "But after eight years of leveraging state resources for personal gain it's clear that Mr. Cuomo is a just a plain old hood skimming off the top. A governor of moral integrity would transfer ill-gotten donations back the state; let's see if Andrew Cuomo does that." 

Mr. Molinaro said that his upcoming ethics plan will stop Albany's pay-to-play culture dead in its tracks. 
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