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Statement from Marc Molinaro on the Conviction of Sheldon Silver
05-11-18  6:01pm
"Albany is broken. For years, Andrew Cuomo has presided over and cultivated a culture that empowers systematic abuse of the public trust.  Andrew Cuomo loves bragging about being the first in the nation - well he's done it again. As Governor and the head of the New York Democratic Party, Andrew Cuomo has the sad distinction of leading the most corrupt state in America. If Andrew Cuomo was running a business, he would be fired.

Sheldon Silver and Eric Schneiderman broke the law, abused women, enabled enablers and abandoned their oath of office. Andrew Cuomo, who's own former top aide is set to be sentenced in the coming weeks for bribery, wants us to think he's above it all. The people of New York know better; it is why they reaffirmed Silver's conviction on all counts and why they will throw out Andrew Cuomo in November."

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