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Please Print This Out

Dear Friends and Natural Gas Supporters Everywhere,

Please circulate this to any and all pro-gas supporters as soon as you read this.

As I've been telling you we are coming to a critical moment in our battle to enjoy the benefits of natural gas in NY.

The dSGEIS comment period is upon us and the clock is ticking. Before it stops, every single one of us needs to do everything possible to demonstrate their stongest support for a dSGEIS that promotes landownwer friendly, safe, responsible, and timely natural gas development. I'm asking you please to start demonstrating that support right here, right now by taking two quick and simple actions.

Open the linked file here, print it, sign it, fill in your address, and mail it back to the following address (which also appears at the top of the file).

PO Box 2839
Binghamton, NY 13902

Each person should sign their own letter, so please do not co-sign with anyone. To conserve on postage you can put four sheets of paper in one envelope.

Please forward this to five people so they can do the same or simply print five copies of the file to share with other supporters. If you really want to help out do both and please don't limit yourself to just five!
There will be more chances to show your support in the days and weeks to come, but for now please help to get as many of these signed letters sent in as possible. As always, your support of these "helping us to help yourself" efforts is greatly appreciated.
Without you completing these requests you may never get leased.

Warmest Regards,
Dan Fitzsimmons, President
Joint Landowners Coalition of New York, Inc.


-23 # jackup Saturday, October 15th, 2011 @7:01PM
This is incredibly unbelievable.
+16 # inmby Saturday, October 15th, 2011 @10:34PM
jackup, to say "This is incredibly unbelievable." leaves one wondering why you would make a statement like this on a pro gas web site. Before I say why let me first thank you for coming to the sight perhaps to learn or research something you were interested in. Anyway why would it be unbelievable for the JLC to solicit and offer a way for pro gas supporters to let their beliefs be known. I don't see anywhere on this site anything that states you must participate. Now I must admit, I read with great interest the names on some ban drilling in NY petitions to see names from several different countries and some of the same names appeared in multiple area's on the same petitions. to me "That was incredibly unbelievable and dishonest." that the anti organizations thought they could get away with that
-21 # tap Tuesday, October 18th, 2011 @10:04PM
What it incredibly unbelievable is that the money grubbers out there think there is actually a safe way to hydrofrack. How many more wells have to be contaminated? How many more non-disclosure agreements will aggreived parties have to sign to obtain recompense for the damages suffered? Your right to make blood money off of your land stops where my right to peacefully enjoy my clean supply of water begins.
+7 # JLCpulse Thursday, October 20th, 2011 @2:56PM
Hey TAP, try to stick to real facts not bits of fantasy designed to frighten. Well informed individuals are annoyed and amused by hyperbole and misrepresentati on, certainly never impressed.
+11 # inmby Friday, October 21st, 2011 @1:46PM
Tap - it is not about the money for everyone as your statement might make many think. here in NY and across the country many landowners and farmers have been struggling, because of high taxes and low wages, wether it be the farmer who farms in NY making 47.000 a year at a cost of 52,000 a year or the factory worker who bought a 50 acre parcel in the country when times were good, before his job got sent to China. Yes money is a factor for most , because in a capitalistic society you can't live without it unless your on public assistance but even that money comes from the strapped taxpayers. Governor Cuomo got it right with his decision to move forward with the drilling as it will bring much needed prosperity and jobs to upstate NY and the rest of the state will benefit as well from Ad Volerum taxes, employment taxes so much money will be generated that NYS can become fiscally sound as we move forward into tomorrow. The best part about this is that the 70 year history including the 30 years of HVHF have shown us that this process when regulated can and will be done safe. NY must not over regulate the drilling industry because of the campaigning of environmental groups who base their sentiments on false fears and not science. This week I saw on TV Action News 12 that serves the Broome County area, an interview with a carter road resident who is a litigant against Cabot who stated when it was announced that the wells on Carter road are and have been testing good and will no longer require water delivery's from Cabot say that "despite all that has happened that her home is still here dream home and she will not leave". The gag order you mention have not kept anybody from speaking their mind and judging by the 4 PA residents in a community of 43,300 who showed up to march in a march for clean water in Susquehanna County, I would say that speaks volumes over the water concerns.
+6 # inmby Sunday, October 23rd, 2011 @5:26AM
NY is missing out.... while our farmers are selling off land for use as trailer parks and strip malls and home owners are facing foreclosure, people just 20 minutes south of us are experiencing community growth and prosperity. John Deere Tractor sales in Montrose PA reported the business went from selling four tractors a year to four a month as farmers who were getting by on 30-40 year old Big M's are now able to update their equipment. Enterprising people and entrepreneurs are creating thousands of new jobs servicing the PA Drilling communities.

Meanwhile NYkers are crossing the border to find work, BK trucking from Endicott NY has just invested 1 million dollars in new equipment over the last year and hired 100 people. Many might think that is good for our upstate economy but here is what's going to happen and is already. Small support companies are going to buy buildings or building lots in PA just to get work and grow there company, many already have. If NY chases the drilling out by over regulating what will keep them from relocating south to do business.

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