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Mr. Hang's bogus reporting exposed

This article appeared in local Gannet papers in November 2008, and the author has created a business by spreading misinformation:


Mr. Hang and his for profit business Toxic Targeting have actually been targeting the landowners of upstate NY by perpetuating groundless fears regarding the safety record of the natural gas industry in New York.


DEC Commissioner Pete Grannis exposed Mr. Hang's bogus reporting in this letter to NY State Assemblyman Bill Parment,


noting that:


Only 10 of the 270 incidents occurred during the drilling process. (7 at gas well sites, 2 at the same oil well and one at a salt mine).

Since 1979 10,400 wells have been drilled... of the nine involving gas and oil, one involved gas migration and home evacuation. One reported as an explosion and a second was a fuel tank hit by lightning.

44 occurred at gas well sites after drilling and stimulation were completed.

106 were at oil wells (numbering nearly 14,000) and none involved explosions, water well contamination or evacuations.

Over the 30 years, the article states 270 accidents but actually only 51 were reported, 7 during drilling and 44 occurred at the site.

The remaining number of accidents were not drilling related.

53 were lightning strikes, vehicle accidents, ice control on roadways, transmission line leaks, etc...

40 of the 270 were at abandoned well sites. 17 were brine tank leaks or overflows.

Over 30 years the percentage is .0001% drilling to accidents.

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